Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshops

A group in Osaka, Japan, arms raised, practicing one of the EQ development exercises.
A group in Osaka, Japan, practicing one of the EQ development exercises.
A group in Nagoya, Japan, doing push hands. Dr. Keith is in the back answering questions.
A group in Nagoya, Japan, practicing push hands for sensitivity training and to sense flow and balance. Dr. Keith Brewer is in the back, answering questions.

Half-Day EQ Workshop

This half-day interactive workshop shows you how to develop your EQ and build stronger teams based on trust and true connections.

You will learn a breathing method, posture, movements, and visualizations that Dr. Keith Brewer has distilled from Ancient Taoist practices over decades. These techniques will allow you to experience EQ on an intuitive and immersive level that is otherwise hard to achieve.

The practices shown in this workshop are easy to incorporate into your daily life for continued EQ growth.

$7,500 – 1/2 day

Full-Day EQ Workshop

The full-day interactive workshop includes everything from the half-day workshop plus learning a unique two-person exercise.

This special exercise – also drawn from Ancient Taoist practices – helps train your brain to sense others on an energetic level and smoothly manifest a desired conclusion. 

$10,500 – full day