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Keith Brewer

The Monk Without The Funk

I Proved Them Wrong

Before the age of 7, I was told by several expert doctors that my congenital spinal and shoulder misalignment was going to cripple me and put me in a wheelchair by the time I was 13. You can imagine how horrible this news was to a kid who loved his independence, climbing trees, riding his bike, and running all over the farm. I was determined to prove them wrong.

Featured Programs

Currently, The Monk Without The Funk offers three packages: The Self Defense Package, The Basic Package, and The Pro Package. 

Self Defense

The monk’s self-defense package requires anyone who wishes to learn these techniques, to sign up with a friend.

Basic Package

In this package, I work closely with each person to determine where they are starting and where they want to go.

Pro Package

The pro package has everything the basic package has except I’ll send all the equipment you’ll need

What You'll Get

I take a no-nonsense approach and I do not tell you this is going to be easy. It’s not. Reclaiming your fitness and good health are attainable goals and can be met but it’s going to take commitment, determination, and work.

What They Say

This is the first time I have ever been shown how the hips are used to drive the movements. The results are much more pronounced in how this has an effect on the body. Keith works to show the proper movements and at the same time how to access the lower dantian. This makes a huge difference in how effective Taiji is when done correctly.


Tai Chi with Keith Brewer is the ultimate combination of exercise, stress reduction and mental focus. Through his unique explanations of how the movements function combined with his experience anyone can learn to practically apply this ancient art to modern day existence.

George Harris LAc

I think Keith is one of the rare people that can translate Eastern concepts and philosophies to Western minds. I am honored to have met him and to be able to work with him on cultivating mindfulness through meditation and qigong for stress management.

Maurice Hardy, Physician

As a martial arts instructor of 15 years, I’ve studied Tai Chi with six different instructors and never found the intuitive and holistic qualities of the art reflected in its teaching. Keith Brewer’s commitment to researching both the technical and esoteric nature of Tai Chi has resulted in a curriculum of unmatched authenticity. 

Derek Barrows

Keith is a veteran instructor and has been teaching Tai Chi/Qi Gong for many years and it shows in how he 1) focuses on participants ‘feeling’ and ‘manipulating’ their Qi and 2) continually adjusts the class content based on participant feedback and their individual health concerns. At the end of each class, I feel calm, in tune with my Qi, and ready to start the day strong. 

Tom K., Office Manager

Under Keith’s tutelage, I have learned several Tai Chi forms as well as breathing exercises that have benefited me and led to a clear increase of quality in my health and lifestyle. It is with a whole heart that I recommend Keith Brewer to anyone seeking quality guidance in their studies of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Sam Bhat, JD

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