EQ and Essential Oils

The sense of smell is the most powerful in terms of influencing our emotions. Smells tie directly into the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotional responses and memories. This is why certain scents can transport you back to specific times and places, not just in memory but also in feeling.

When working on developing your emotional intelligence (EQ), diffusing essential oils can significantly enhance your emotional responses. These scents help you get in touch with your emotions, energize your mind, and much more. Essential oils are a powerful tool for anyone serious about improving their EQ.

A DoTERRA Button essential oil diffuser
The DoTERRA Button diffuser with Balance essential oil. This palm-sized diffuser is motion activated and rechargeable.
Samples from a class on using DoTERRA essential oils to cook tasty and healthy food
Samples from a class I attended in Tokyo on how to use DoTERRA essential oils in cooking. The food was delicious!

I recommend using DoTERRA essential oils because they are of the highest quality, with many approved for internal use. You can even cook with them! Incorporating these oils into your EQ practice can lead to profound and transformative experiences.