Diet & Nutrition

Growing up on a farm, Keith showed an early talent for cooking, so his mom put him to the task when he was seven.

He’s been cooking ever since that day, and he’s also worked in several kitchens so he could learn good cooking skills and continues to develop new recipes regularly.

He also recently completed doctoral level classes in diet and nutrition, so he can put together customized meal plans and also offer cooking instruction and nutritional counseling so that each client receives a full understanding of how to make sure they’re eating the healthiest meals possible and also guides them in their understanding of how important it is to eat the right things at the right time of day as well as the right time of year.

This all comes together with the customized workout plans to allow you to turn back the clock to a stronger, fitter, more confident you.

We’ll work together to devise a nutrition plan so that you don’t have to eat anything that you don’t like, and you’ll know that what you are eating, is good for you and satisfies your body’s needs as you recover your health, fitness and stamina.

Don’t you think it’s time to cut through the marketing confusion on what is and isn’t healthy, take your nutrition into your own hands and start living a better life?

In short, if you don’t know how to cook, you’re at the mercy of marketing.

Cooking is great fun and rewarding and don’t worry, I’ll be there with you along the way.